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2 Timothy 2 – Focus, Focus, Focus

Focus on Jesus

A good soldier is focused on his officer’s commands and doesn’t get distracted by civilian affairs.  An athlete plays by the rules and does not stray from them.  The farmer should benefit from the harvest.  These three professions are all require hard work and extreme focus.  If you get distracted from your purpose then you will fail.  Paul tells Timothy that he must be like these examples and remain firmly focused.  On what?  On Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David.  Timothy must remain focused on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and not allow himself to become distracted by insignificant arguments, whether they relate to the church or are of the world.  He must keep the main thing the main thing.

Don’t Get Distracted

Paul then instructs Timothy to remove distractions from the people.  Don’t let them get caught up arguing about words.  There are more important things to focus on.  Don’t let the people get caught up in godless chatter and just drumming up things to bicker about.  There are more important things to focus on. Don’t let wicked morons like Hymenaeus and Philetus cause division and spread false teachings.  Don’t get distracted by youthful desires, but pursue the virtues of the faith.  Don’t sweat the petty things, but focus on what matters.  Be gentle with those who disagree with you.

Are you noticing a pattern.  I am not sure how many ways Paul can say that Christians, especially leaders like Timothy, should stay focused and avoid distractions to the Gospel and the work of the Kingdom.  The question for you and me today is what things distract us from the Gospel and how can we become more focused?

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