Carter on Old Testament Violence in a Modern World

19 Apr

So I am taking a graduate class at Oklahoma Christian University on Old Testament Theology.  After months of spending hours reading, studying, and discussing topics ranging from the mercy of God, the justice of God, the violence in the Old Testament and even whether or not God changes his mind I am certainly qualified to answer theological questions about Old Testament texts.  At least, that’s what I thought.  Until Carter applied an Old Testament text (David and Goliath) to a very modern reality (the awesomeness that is Manchester United soccer).

An actual conversation in my car the other day:

Carter: So Dad, what did you do today?

Me: Uh…I watched the Manchester United soccer game.  Remember…you watched part of it with me?  Oh right…I made you go take a nap before it was over.

Carter: …yeah.

Me:  Well United won.

Carter: Awesome!  They are gonna practice and keep trying and kicking those guys in the white shirts and knocking them over and beating them and cutting off their heads!

(If Manchester United had been playing City this week, I might have just agreed with him, but since it was somebody else, I felt compelled to discourage beheading.)

Me: Carter, we don’t cut off people’s heads and we don’t talk about cutting off people’s heads.

Carter: But David cut off Goliath’s head.

Me: ……………

Carter: Dad, David cut off Goliath’s head.

Me:  Yeah…..but….Goliath was a really bad guy.

Carter:  Oh.  Is he still a really bad guy?

Me:  Well…I guess not.

Carter:  Where is Goliath now?

Me:  Well I’m not sure.

Carter:  So do you think he’s in outer space or earth?

Me:  Uh….earth.

Carter:  Our earth, like the one we live in?

Me:  So…uh….did you have fun today?

I sure hope the questions don’t get harder.  Carter is three and I was pretty much stumped.  I am doomed.  I guess it just goes to show that the Bible truly is a wonderful and mysterious text that will forever invite new generations to enter conversations about what it meant, what it means, and what kind of a difference it makes in our world today.  Or it just means I am doomed to a lifetime of knowing less while trying to seem to know more than my kids.

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One response to “Carter on Old Testament Violence in a Modern World

  1. Elayne Weger Bowman

    April 29, 2013 at 10:45 pm

    Love this! I truly believe that children teach us much more than we teach them, Kent!


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