2 Corinthians 13 – A Time For Self Reflection

17 Sep

What will happen when Paul visits? It all depends on how the church in Corinth handles the problems that are going on. He gives strong warning that he will be coming with the judgment of Christ if he has to. Paul would rather use his authority to build them up but will tear them down if needed. All things are done to bring them to full restoration.

Paul’s final warnings remind us of how we are to examine ourselves to see whether we are in the faith. It seems odd to question whether or not we are in the faith. This could be because we just assume we are without self-examination. The question seems to simply be, do you do what is right? Do we spend more time justifying our actions instead of asking if we are doing what is right?

Paul’s final greeting to the church also calls for some reflection. Rejoice! Strive for full restoration. Encourage one another. Be of one mind. Live in peace. Do these things and the God of love and peace will be with you. How are we doing with these things? I don’t really even want to ask this question for all of Christendom but for our local congregations. Are we people who are characterized by rejoicing? Do we continue to strive for full restoration? Do we even know what that means? Do others perceive us as encouraging towards one another? Are we of one mind, focused on Christ and His call for us? Are we functioning in the reality of peace?

We should always approach Scripture with a mindset of self reflection, asking how we need to change based on what we read in the text. Paul has called the Corinthian church to raise the bar. It is tempting to look at other people in the church and tell them how they need to rise to this calling. We each need to embody the change that needs to happen in the church calling one another to a deeper calling through the example we show to one another in how we live.

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