Chronicling – Paul’s Eagerness and Drive

29 Sep

1 Chronicles 2:18-4:4

Kent and I were talking about Chronicles yesterday and how the readings and blogs will be interesting since neither of us have spent much time in Chronicles before. I joked that it is the cliff`s notes version of what we have read so far. In reality though, much of it is a different telling of stories already told in Samuel or Kings. Since I would generally consider those books to be a more interesting telling of the stories, they seem to overshadow Chronicles.

Anyhow, so far we have reviewed genealogies from Genesis-Kings. More previously told stories to come.

Acts 24:1-27

I love reading Paul’s conversations. At the end of his conversations I often wonder if I will ever be in a situation that will require me to speak the way he does. Will I ever stand before a judge and declare, “I’ve obeyed the laws of our land as closely as I possibly can. I worship God and I am a follower of Christ. I have hope in God that there will be a resurrection, so I strive to always keep my conscience clear before God and all people. They are upset because I’ve told them the truth about the resurrection and they want to bring me harm.”

Paul didn’t live his life as a rebel to the authorities around him. He lived his life taking care of others and preaching the hope of the resurrection through Jesus Christ. This is what made him unpopular with the cultures he found himself in. He was going in and changing the world around him in ways that those in charge couldn’t keep up!

I really admire Paul’s eagerness and drive to share the Good News with everyone, no matter what position they hold. We’ll see in some of his later writings that while he has a guard attached to him, he sees him as a captive audience and converts most of the guards in the prison. He openly shares his faith with Felix and Dusilla. Paul’s belief in the resurrection of the dead through Christ shaped who he was so much that he couldn’t help but share it with everyone.


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