Chronicles and Paul Transported

28 Sep

1 Chronicles 1-2
Ryan and I were talking about Chronicles today and how the readings and blogs will be interesting since neither ofus have spent much time in Chronicles before.  Ryan joked that it is the cliff`s notes version of what we have read so far.  In reality though, much of it is a different telling of stories already told in Samuel or Kings.  Since I would generally consider thosebooks to be a more interesting telling of the stoties, they seem to overshadow Chronicles.

Anyhow, so far we have reviewed geneologies from Genesis. More previously told stories to come.

Acts 23

Paul gets arrested and a group of Jews make anoath to not eat again until Paul was dead.  Since Paul lived for several more years, I cant help but wonder if those guys broke their oath and went back to eating or if they simply died waiting for him to die.  I am not sure which possibility is more amusing.

Regardless, the text is showing us that Paul is quickly progressing through the court system towards Rome.  However, much like Jesus`s trial, Paul is shown as being in control and composed.  In fact, he continues to do ministry all along the way.  At this point all roads lead to Rome.  The book is clear that both God and Paul are heading in that direction as Paul finally takes his ministry to the Gentiles to the throne of Gentile politics, culture and religion.

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